“I Heart (insert city here)” T-shirts

I don’t like it. Why are people still wearing these? Is there anything less original? Why don’t people wear “I heart Toronto” shirts (or whatever city they live in)? Show a little city pride. You literally have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. I get it! Since you loved the city so much I wish you would have stayed there so I wouldn’t have to see your stupid shirt!


Shiny Suits

I don’t like it. Why are they so shiny? It looks horrible and makes me automatically assume anyone wearing one is a huge douche bag. I think the picture confirms this.Image

Tucked In Shirt Without Belt

I don’t like it. This always been a pet peeve of mine. If you are going to go to the hassle of tucking your shirt in take an extra two seconds and put on a belt! If you weren’t supposed to wear a belt the pants wouldn’t have belt loops.Tucked with no belt looks terrible.

Cut Off Shorts Pockets

I don’t like it. Recently, I have seen several people wearing cut off jean shorts with the pockets hanging below the cut off point. What the fuck is this all about? It looks ridiculous. When making your own cut offs why would you do this? The cut off are always too short, they should be one inch longer to hide these pockets. Also they are always so tight that it would be impossible to put anything in the pockets anyways. The people I have seen sporting this look are what I would call hipsters, usually completing their ensemble with an ugly shirt and “ironically” big glasses (which I’m sure will get their own post at some point). I’m confident a recurring theme on I Know What I Don’t Like will be hipster fashion and my perception that female hipsters purposely try to look unattractive (mission accomplished!). Also, I will lump in cut off mom jeans to this post, see previous 2 sentences.

Ties as Belts

I don’t like it. Recently I saw a guy who had a red necktie around his waist acting as a belt. What is that all about? First of all, ties are meant to go around your neck, hence the name necktie. Secondly, he of course had to tie the tie to keep his pants up and he did not use a standard necktie knot. Perhaps if he had a full windsor knot as his makeshift belt buckle I would have cut him a bit of slack. Lastly, the bottom of the tie was hanging down well past his knees (obviously over compensating for other areas).  How long a tie is this?/how small is his waist? How is it possible that a tie could be so long? This leads me to believe that this person specifically bought a tie meant to be a belt. I have no proof to substantiate this but I’m gonna assume I’m right. Hopefully this guy puts a belt around his neck and saves everyone else the disgust of his weird tie belt.

Full Length, Baggy Baseball Pants


I don’t like it. I don’t know when this started for sure but I’m gonna blame Manny Ramirez. I love Manny Ramirez, I think he is a throwback to the old days of baseball and is a real character along the likes of Bill “Spaceman” Lee, Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, Casey Stengel, Yogi Bera, etc…There was  great moment a few years ago when Manny was still with the Red Sox. With a runner on first a line drive was hit over Manny’s head in his position in left field. Not known for his defensive abilities Manny made a great play running back and making an over-the-shoulder catch at the warning track. He then proceeded to climb the wall and high five a fan in the first row. He then turned around, hit the cut-off man who relayed to first to catch the runner who didn’t tag up assuming Manny wouldn’t make the play. While in Boston he would regularly disappear into the Green Monster in between innings and he had that great helmet just coated with pine tar….

ANYWAYS, as much as I love Manny I don’t like how he wears his baseball pants and how his style has spread through baseball. What happened to the high sock, short pant look?  That’s how a baseball player should look! Don’t even get me started on the death of the stirrup. There are still some players who rock the high socks like Ian Kinsler or Rajai Davis (guys who the play the game right) but for the most part everyone is wearing long pants! While I’m on the subject, C.C. Sabathia straighten your goddamn cap and Ricky Romero put a curve in that brim!