New Era Caps with The Sticker On

I don’t like it. In fact, I hate this. Take off that sticker! Nobody cares what the size of your head is. I generally don’t like anything where the brand name is visible. I already bought your product, I don’t need to advertise for you. Why do people do this? I’m always weary of anything that is popular, are people doing this because they like it or because it’s popular? If the cap was supposed to look like that the sticker wouldn’t be removable. Why aren’t people walking around with the stickers and tags on their shirts and pants? Because it looks fucking ridiculous, that’s why!


The High Belt

I don’t like it. This look is terrible. Do you really need a belt if you are wearing a dress? Belts are meant for two things, holding up your pants and tying off before you shoot heroin. Last week I had to give blood and they tied me off (not with a belt, but with one of those surgical tubing things, which I think is an ok substitute) and they were smacking my veins. That is probably as close as I ever get to doing heroin but it was still pretty exciting. ANYWAYS…The purpose of a belt is not to push up your boobs. You aren’t fooling anyone. Your boobs aren’t huge, it’s ok, deal with it! Also from the back it looks like you are wearing some sort of back support device. Any why is that buckle so big!

Men Without Sleeves

No belt tuck in!

I don’t like it. There are all sorts of bad outfits that fall under this. Undershirts, tank tops, basketball jerseys, muscle shirts, cut off t-shirts and the dreaded no shirt at all. These are all horrible. Men’s armpits should never be visible to people in public (aka me). Nobody needs to see that. There was a guy on the subway last week in an undershirt (when the fuck did it become acceptable to wear that in public) and he was holding onto one of the handles where you have to lift your whole arm up in the air. Gross! Also more disgusting is that most men have shoulder and back hair. I don’t want to see that, it’s disgusting. Cover up those shoulders!