Grapefruit Shaving Cream

Love this Stuff



Rolled Up Blue Jeans Cuff



I imagine I will get a fair bit of blow back on this one. I think up until now I have avoided anything I would see one of my friends wearing (helps that I have stylish friends) but this is all I can stands. I can’t stands no more. #popeye

I don’t like this. Hem your goddamn pants. Some cuffs are so high it’s obvious that the pants were bought an inseam size too big, buy the right size. I understand the waist-inseam ratio doesn’t always match, so get them hemmed! There is a nice little Asian woman on every block who will do it for super cheap. You wouldn’t buy a suit and just roll up the pant legs, same with a nice pair of trousers so why is this a thing. Stop it!

Those Grey Wool Socks With a Red Stripe

socksLately I have seen quite a few young women wearing these either over their jeans or even worse, over their leggings. Gross! What the fuck is this all about? I don’t like this. Is this happening outside of Toronto? It’s terrible and needs to stop. I think these socks are great for keeping your feet warm and for making sweet stuffed monkeys but they do not work as a fashion item or statement. The hipsters have created ironic functionality and I don’t like it one bit. Also, most of the women I have seen wearing these aren’t wearing that much else so I doubt they are too worried about staying warm. So let’s just leave them to the hikers and the stuffed animals.

Also spotted in TO this week, bare midriff…twice! It is not bare midriff weather.


Black Friday

It’s the Most Disgusting Day of the Year!

I don’t like this. One day removed from being thankful for family, friends, love, and well being all is forgotten in the name of buying some cheap shit. Nothing you were thankful for yesterday can be bought today.  Happiness and love does not come wrapped up with a bow or for 50% off. None of it is real, it’s just stuff! As if one day isn’t bad enough a lot of stores are having Black Friday week or weekend long sales. Reports from the last few years put Black Friday weekend spending at upwards of $50 billion. $50 billion! on a bunch of stuff. Why aren’t we using that money to shelter and feed the homeless, help those less fortunate, or buy some toys for kids who are going to get nothing this year at Christmas?

But I guess it isn’t our fault. As Lily Allen says “I am a weapon of massive consumption, but it’s not my fault, it’s how I’m programmed to function”.